The number of LBT coins you will get for exchanging 1 ETH/BTC maybe different depending on the current value of LBT. You can get the exchange rate of LBT by several ways:

  1. on some cryptocurrency listing websites such as:
  2. on our ICO page

In this article, I will go through the 2nd one. 

Firstly, let's navigate & login to our ICO page: (check register for an account)

Secondly, select [Wallet] from the left-side menu.

Now, look at the 3rd session called LBT Wallet where you can get information about the exchange rate between LBT and two other coins ( ETH/ BTC).


According to the above infomation, you can easily know that

  1. 1 LBT = $0.5 
  2. 1 LBT =  0.00064433 ETH
  3. 1 LBT  = 0.00003060 BTC

So, you have:

  • ~ 1551.99975168 LBT for 1 ETH
  • ~ 32679.7385621 LBT for 1 BTC

Thanks for reading.