LBT wallet is an open-source and client-side tool. You could use the cloud-based version  or download and use it locally. 

Here are the steps to create a wallet on

  1. Select [NEW WALLET] in the main menu on the top. At this step, you will be asked for entering a password which is used to unlock your wallet. It must be at least 8 characters in lengthThen, click  [Create New Wallet] to create your wallet.

  2. If your wallet is created successfully, you can see the address and private key of your wallet.

  3. Due to the fact that we won’t keep any information about your wallet, so there are some important notes you should keep in mind.

    1. We cannot recover or restore your wallet in case of losing your private key by any means.

    2. Backup! Backup your wallet.

    3. In order to backup your wallet, you can either keep your raw private key in somewhere or download encrypted private key as a json file by clicking the [Save Encrypted Wallet] button above ( see the 2nd step)