I suppose that you already had an LBT wallet, its information:

  • address
  • encrypted key file or private key

Otherwise, checkout this link first.

Okay, here is what you should do to connect your wallet to our system http://game.let.bet

Click on the [LOGIN] button from the main menu. A new popup dialog will be shown, therefore select [LBT WALLET] tab

As you can see, there are 2 options:

  • [LOAD FROM FILE]: Load from the encrypted key file -  a *.json file
  • [INPUT PRIVATE KEY]:  Load from the raw private key of your LBT Wallet.

Now, I'm going to demonstrate both of them

    1. Select the [LOAD FROM FILE] button to open a popup dialog and specify the location where is the encrypted key file in. 
    2. Click the [Open] button.
    3. Now fill in the above textbox with your wallet password and click [Unlock].
    1. After selecting the [INPUT PRIVATE KEY] button, enter the private key of your wallet
    2. Finally, click [Unlock].

If your wallet is valid, it will show as below.


 Okay, That's how you can connect your wallet to our gambling system.

Thanks for reading.