To be able to play games on our gambling system, you must

In the home page of, select SPORT game. 

Now, you can see that there are lot of matches to place a bet. You can choose the matches you are interested in by some filters

  • By country
  • By form of betting: Decimal Odds, Asian Handicap, Over & Under.

At the moment, only Decimal Odds (1x2) is available, the others are under development.

For those who dont know what  the Decimal Odds, Asian Handicap, Over & Under betting is, check these articles for detail information.

Let's take the match between Besiktas vs Bayern Munich as an example:

Besiktas vs Bayern Munich

Besiktas win: 6

Draw: 4.33

Besiktas lose: 1.5

Let's say, you will bet for Bayern Munich to win at the odds of 1.5 and your stake is 1 LBT. And here is what you must do: 

Firstly, select the [1.5] button in the column named Lose

Secondly, enter your stake ( the amount of LBT) you wish to bet. 

Right after you entered your stake, it shows the amount of LBT you will get in case of winning. In this case, you will have 1.5 LBT in return(Stake: 1 LBT, Profit: 1.5 LBT)

Finally, click [PLACE BET] to confirm. 

It will take few seconds for your bet to be accepted. 

Okay, you have just placed a bet for Bayern Munich to win. 

Our system will take over everything for you from now on. By the end of match, your profit will be updated automatically. 

You also can track your bet by looking at the session named [Your Transaction] in the bottom right.

And this is our tutorial video: 

Thanks for your reading. Have fun with our games.