Who can join our Private Sale campaign? 

We welcome everyone who has a strong vision, belief in growthing with LetBet and has great ideas to help us become more popular.

  • want to own a big amount of LBT coins with a better price.
  • become a bookmarker.
  • become a game provider: publish their games on LetBet platform
  • become the host of a game, so the orthers can join and play.
  • become one of our partnership with lots of benefits 

You guys might wonder what do we offer in the LBT Private Sale? We offer 3 packages:


Please follow these following steps

  1. Create a LBT Wallet: check this article.
  2. Send us an email at partner@let.bet with these following information:
    • the subject of your email: must start with the prefix `[LBT Private Sale Request]`
    • your LBT Wallet's address
    • the package name which you want to buy: GOLD, DIAMON or RED DIAMON
    • If you are going to choose the RED DIAMON package, give us the amount of money you want to spend ( at least $70k), for example: $90k.
    • Payment method:  BTC or ETH only.
  3. Then, we will send you an email with
    • The number of LBT coins of your package.
    • our BTC wallet's address or ETH wallet's address based on the payment method which you chose in the 2nd step.
    • the number of BTC or ETH you have to deposit.
    • Note: The exchange rates between USD/BTC, UDS/ETH, USD/LBT are based on https://coinmarketcap.com/ at the time we have received your request email.
  4. Now, deposit to our BTC/ETH address. After that, if there is at least 1 block was confirmed, reply the above email with the TRANSACTION ID of your deposit.
  5. Finally, our staff will check the transaction status & send you an confirmation email when we already received it. 

LBT Distribution

Keep in mind that your LBT will be released right after the ICO ended and release to your wallet in 3 months as the following plan.

Talking about the deadline, this campaign will be stopped:

  • Before the opening day of our PRE-SALE ICO ( before the 20th of Jan 2018).
  • Or we sold out all of LBT coins of this campaign. 

Interested? Send us an email at partner@let.bet RIGHT NOW!