To become a promoter, you need to have:

  • proper contribution to build up the community.
  • promote LBT as well as support us to create LBT network.

The scope of work combine of:

  •  Translating the information about LETBET, LETBET policy, LETBET program for users in your local language (Optional).
  •  Subtitling all the instruction that LETBET made in English for Global users, to help your community have sufficient knowledge, information about LETBET platform, create fair experiences for Gambling or any activity in LETBET platform (Optional).
  •  And other activities which make your market's LETBET community have the best experience with us.
  •  Join with us to manage, communicate on LETBET's behalf for your community.
  • Just need to do as your best to help both LETBET and your users, that's summary about what LETBET need you to do as Promoter.

What do we offer?

If you want to become our promoter, please send us an email at