As a matter of fact, in order to deposit LBT coin on you must have an LBT wallet with a positive balance. Check this article to know how to create a wallet.

First, connect your wallet to gambling platform. If this is your first time using gambling platform, your balance will be the same as below.

Second, click on the button named [DEPOSIT] to open a ziward.


  • Your balance: showing your wallet's balance.
  • Your credit: showing the amount of LBT coins ( in Felix) which you deposited to gambling platform.

Okay, you enter the number of Felix  that you wish to deposit and select [Deposit] to finish. As an example, You are going to deposit 1 LBT to your credit. In the bottom, there is a notification to let you know your deposit progress

And when your deposit is completed. Check your credit's information to see the result.