You might wonder what makes us different from other blockchain based gambling platforms? 

In fact, LetBet is not the only one in this sector - applying the BlockChain & Smart Contract technologies into gambling industry. There are 2 key features which we believe that it makes LetBet stand out of the ground:

  • LetBet is a platform:  Our vision is that make LetBet become a platform and open it to everyone to join. LetBet is not only bring to users the ability to play betting games but also offer great opportunities to those who are interested in being a game provider, bookmarker… or building your own game with blockchain & smart contract and publish on LetBet. It’s important to note that you can take advantages from LetBet as there are a lot of users playing games everyday. In return, our platform - LetBet have more games to serve our user’s needs and interests.

  • LetBet issues LBT as a coin, not a token: It means LBT coin doesn’t reside on any other blockchain but our own blockchain. 

  • Solve some painful problems & offer some cool features with our own custom blockchain: 

    • Faster transaction by optimizing average block time.
    • Zero Transaction Fee

    • Provably Fair
    • And much more … please read our whitepaper.